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About Ninova Bilişim Limited Company

Ninova is a technology initiative established in 2013. Our company, which has achieved leadership in its sector with the signature product found in passenger buses, the seat-back televisions, began R&D and application studies on smart home products in 2021, taking into account the market demands that the future will create.

Our mission is defined as closely following the technological developments of the future to increase the quality of life of people and offer innovative solutions. We focus on any technology that can be described as "smart" in the world of the future and continue with determination and commitment to integrate these technologies into people's lives.

As Ninova, our vision is to shape the technologies of the future and reach a leading position in the industry. We are here to provide better service to our customers and integrate the power of technology into people's daily lives. We invite you to join the Ninova family.

About Merpa Information Processing Limited Company

Merpa Information Processing Limited Company, the parent company of Ninova, has been operating with its sector experience in providing industrial and new technology products since 1990. Established in Istanbul in 2000, our company responds to the needs of the domestic market with the products it imports from abroad. Additionally, it aims to develop new products through its own R&D studies to lead the market.

Among our main activities are the import of Panel PCs, Industrial PCs, and touch products tailored to the demands of the industrial market. In this direction, we are the distributors of 10 brands from 6 different countries. We use our official e-commerce website, www.merpazar.com, for the promotion and sales of our import products.

Our company, aiming to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level, takes ownership of its customers' businesses as its own and contributes to the development of their businesses by sharing knowledge. Our mission is to closely monitor innovations in the industrial field, introduce new products to the market, develop innovative products in the domestic market, and provide a professional infrastructure at every stage from import to sales, technical support to storage and shipment. Our vision is to be a leading company in the industrial field and to achieve a pioneering position in the sector by offering our customers the best products and services.

As Merpa Information Processing Limited Company, we will continue to shape the future by following technological developments and offering quality products to our customers. We are delighted to see you as our business partner.

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